Hailey's Hope Foundation

Supporting Families in the NICU

Our Story

Hailey’s Hope Foundation was born in 2007 out of the determination of several families to make one of life’s most difficult experiences easier for other families.  It started with the NICU journey of its founder, Jeffrey Randazzo, and his wife, Debra.  Their son, Matthew, was born in 2001 at 28 weeks, weighing just 2 pounds and 8 ounces, and spent over 2 months fighting for his life before being released from the NICU.  Then came the tragic loss of Hailey in 2003.  Hailey, the infant daughter of Board members, Isaac and Donna Zion, was born prematurely at 21 weeks and passed away shortly after birth.  The following four years, the Randazzo, Zion, Decina and Siegel families endured many more complicated pregnancies and NICU hospitalizations.  Through it all, they realized not only the alarming void in non-medical support for families suffering through the NICU but also the effect that it had on their babies.  Jeffrey Randazzo had a vision to change that and created Hailey’s Hope Foundation– in memory of Hailey and in tribute to our NICU graduates.

Hailey’s Hope Foundation is an all-volunteer organization, driven by the tireless efforts of these families and an expanding community of friends and supporters.  The Foundation focuses on helping NICU families in need through financial support, emotional comfort, access to important information and resources, as well as helping NICUs improve their quality of care.

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