Hailey's Hope Foundation

Supporting Families in the NICU

What We Do

Hailey’s Hope Foundation is dedicated to helping meet the special needs of families and their babies both in the NICU and as they transition home. When it comes to helping these babies get well, there is nothing more powerful than a family’s love and support.  By supporting families and creating a comfortable, family-centered environment in the NICU, we give critically ill babies better chances to grow healthy and strong and reach their developmental milestones.  Our goals are to:

Empower NICU families with information and support so they can better cope, make informed decisions, and give the intimate care their babies desperately need and only they can provide.

Improve the quality of care of NICU babies and give them a greater fighting chance at life.





Increasing intimate bonding opportunities between parents and babies, which is vital for babies’ care and recovery. Contact also greatly improves mental health for families, reducing stress and feelings of helplessness.   Facilitating communication between NICU doctors/nurses and families so parents better understand their baby’s progress, learn special techniques to care for their babies (i.e., to bond with them, change their diapers, bathe and feed them—often navigating wires, tubes, incubator holes.)
Alleviating financial stress by helping families to absorb non-medical costs—such as gas, lodging, meals—that accumulate quickly with a NICU hospitalization.     Working with NICU doctors, nurses and social workers to monitor (satisfy) family needs and providing NICU medical equipment and supplies, from advanced equipment such as electrocardiograms (EKGs) for infants to special NICU cribs and recliners, privacy screens and diaper scales.
Offering comfort through words, stories and care packages. Providing digital camera and supplies for bereavement photos as well as pictures for when families can’t be at the hospital.

Funding clinical research   
Educating parents with information and guiding them to helpful resources so they can be their babies’ best advocates. Raising awareness of NICU issues through public speaking.