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Grace and Madison – 25 week twins

My twin girls were born 15 weeks early at 25 weeks and 1 day, weighing 1 lb 9 oz each. Sadly, our daughter Grace passed away two days later.  We mourn her loss everyday but have solace in knowing her spirit lives on in her beautiful sister, Madison.  Madison spent 3 weeks at White Plains Hospital before being transferred to Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital where she spent another 12 weeks. She struggled everyday on the CPAP with constant desaturations.  We thought we were never going to get to room air.  Then one day my little fighter just decided it was time.  She came off the CPAP and never looked back.  We were fortunate that Madison came home with no oxygen supplement or feeding tubes, she was just our happy, healthy girl.  She continues to thrive today as an almost 2 year old while roughhousing with her older brother (3 years old), and giving out snuggles and hugs like it was candy.  She is our miracle, our source of strength and a shining light to all who knows her.